Important News !

The Senate recently voted to strip the 30% renewable energy tax credit out of the energy bill. If you've been thinking about eliminating your electric bill with solar energy, you've got to hurry before the current tax credit expires !

Exciting News !

A limited time 30% Federal tax credit is now in effect. Up to $2,000.00 for residential installations and no cap for commercial installations. Hurry this tax credit expires at the end of 2008 !

Top Of The Line Components !

In an effort to be competitive, many dealers have resorted to offering thin light duty mounting rails that require many more roof penetrations, lightweight inverters with high frequency output transformers, and solar panels with poorer PTC ratings poorer efficiency ratings and or poorer negative tolerance ratings.

Here at Affordable Solar Energy Inc we never skimp on quality. Every system that we sell includes only the very best time tested heavy duty components available on today's market !

And that's not just talk! In a side by side comparison we'll prove why our name brand top of the line equipment outperforms the competition hands down at a price that can't be beat!






Affordable Solar Energy Inc. can help you to dramatically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill by taking advantage of the generous cash rebates and tax credits which are available for the installation of a solar electric system on your home or business.

And unlike the old solar systems of yesteryear that only produced hot water, these new systems actually generate electricity ! Clean reliable electricity to run lights, TVs, air conditioning, pumps, refrigerators, computers and many other appliances, all with free energy from the Sun !

With the cost of gasoline, natural gas and electricity going through the roof, it is now time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole. Unfortunately you can't make your own gasoline or natural gas, but you CAN make your own electricity, thus reducing your overall energy budget. The beauty of it all is that the fuel that's needed to make your own electricity falls from the sky every day for free !

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Spin your meter backwards with solar power.

Affordable Solar Energy Inc Will Help You Spin Your Meter Backwards For Less !